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"I always like coming to the Rose Hill dental office because I am treated with such respect and kindness. Doctor has saved me much money by trying new things to save my aging dental work. He and his staff know their business and I am very satisfied with the high quality work they do."

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Bleaching is a common and popular chemical process used to whiten teeth. Some people bleach their teeth to make stains disappear or blend together better, while others just want a whiter shade.

Discoloration occurs in the outside tooth layer, enamel. Medication, coffee, tea, and cigarettes are potential causes of it. Discoloration can also be hereditary or due simply to getting older.

Teeth Whitening Wichita -  Smiling Girl showing teeth
Teeth Whitening Wichita -  Smiling Girl

We suggest that you undergo this procedure at home, under the supervision of your dentist. This is much more convenient to do in the privacy of your home, considerably less expensive than done in the office with significantly less sensitivity. Done in the convenience of your home, this is an easy and a very affordable procedure that almost anyone can fit into his or her budget.

Treatment begins when your dentist evaluates your teeth for any restorations that will not bleach. We then create a custom mouthpiece to ensure the correct amount of whitening solution is used.

If you are someone that only needs one or two teeth whitened, then this is best done in the dental office, where we can control the process. This typically takes about three or four weeks, with the visits about one week apart. This is an easy, pain free and inexpensive process as well.

Most people do not realize how easy and inexpensive a lighter and brighter smile is to achieve! Call Rose Hill General & Cosmetic Dentistry today and schedule an appointment, or if you have any questions you would like us to answer. That dazzling white smile could be yours, and it is just around the corner!

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The Dentist was awesome and staff too! Friendly and My son said the dentist was Hot! Lol He's 14... crazy boy!

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