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Rose Hill Dental Plan

Our office is now offering patients the Rose Hill Private Dental Plan. We live in times of layoffs, expensive health coverage, and rapid, often unknown insurance changes. Many dental plan premiums are continuing to go up, covered procedures are being removed, while at the same time, dental plan benefits are going down. If you presently do not have dental benefits or are unhappy with the dental coverage that you currently have, our Plan is the answer.

The Rose Hill Private Dental Plan provides excellent dental coverage for both routine office visits and major dental service and is very affordable. You and your family will receive the personal attention to dentistry that they deserve and need, and at the same time have coverage that fits comfortably inside your monthly budget. The Rose Hill Private Dental Plan with Dr. Mark Troilo and Dr. Nick Troilo is much more patient friendly because we have eliminated the costly ‘middle man’ also known as the insurance company. Since there is no 3rd party intervention, there is no hassling with pre-determination forms, approvals, claim forms, or waiting periods. This alone keeps the cost down and passes the savings on to you.

This means that you receive your dental treatment without having to wait for special approval and the constant battle and confustion with the insurance companies. All the dental decisions are between you and your dentist. There is no more ‘non-dentist’ insurance claim adjuster deciding what dentistry you can and cannot have done. No more surprise charges. You are in complete control of your own dental health and how it is managed. We are here to serve and provide the dental services you desire and deserve.

If you are interested, have questions, or want to receive more information, please call our office at (316) 776-2144 and ask for ask for any of our front-office team members.

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