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"Always great. A visit to your dentist office is always so relaxing. Best dental assistant ever. She does a great job and is a very nice and pleasant person."

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Changing Smiles!! Does it get any better than that? We don’t know if there’s anything more satisfying both for the person and us, than when we transform someone’s smile. We have even seen it change their personality and their lives.

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So many times, patients have wanted to change their smiles all of their lives. Many times, these people won’t even smile. So what’s holding them back, when they could drastically alter their lives for the better?

Sometimes it’s because patients just do not want to work on a tooth that “doesn’t necessarily need” it. What the patient doesn’t realize is that especially in crowded cases, the end result is so much better. It enables the patient to better care for their teeth, with the potential of eliminating future dental problems. We can’t tell you how many times we have seen people spend time and money on their “new smile” and it instantly enables them to become better dental patients, because they are so proud of their new smile.

Most often, patients will not have their smile changed because of the cost. Many times the cost is less in the long run, because of the improvement in the patient’s hygiene. So often, it also comes down to a patient’s misconception of how much it will actually cost to improve their smile. They will think nothing of going out on a limb financially for a new car, for instance, that sometimes they really don’t need in terms of extravagance, that will eventually have to be replaced in a few years. But when it comes to financing their new smile, they hesitate, when their smile is going to last many years longer than that car.

Just think of all the satisfaction you will gain from a new smile (that you’ve always wanted). You will use it every day, all the time, with every encounter you have with friends and family. Think about that for a second! How often is that? Every time you are in contact with someone or are eating, you will be using your investment in your new smile. Is there anything you can think of off the top of your head that will give you that continuous amount of pleasure and reward, consciously or unconsciously?

At Rose Hill General & Cosmetic Dentistry, we are never “pushy”. Many of you have been patients of ours for a long time and will attest to this fact. But it is important that our patients are given the options, and if you have questions at any time, do not hesitate to give us a call or set up a time for a free consult – it may just CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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The Dentist was awesome and staff too! Friendly and My son said the dentist was Hot! Lol He's 14... crazy boy!

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