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Self-confidence, better sleep, improved nutrition, and clearer speech start by calling (316) 768-4050. Our friendly professionals promptly schedule the visit that leads to a brilliant smile, or relief from tooth and gum pain. Your dentist in Wichita at Rose Hill General & Cosmetic Dentistry has the training and tools to transform your smile and many other aspects of your life, which can all be affected by the health of your mouth. Why wait to look and feel better? Whether you’re calling us for your next check-up or it’s been years since your last visit, our team welcomes your questions and looks forward to connecting with you!
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Dr. Mark Troilo

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RocQuele C. has given a feedback review

Originally Posted on Google

I had called on 12/29/17 at 8am (the minute they opened) someone answered right away. The woman who answered the phone was very pleasant and helpful. I have had a broken tooth for about 9 months due to lack of funds (yes, even with insurance). I have been on antibiotics, now, my third time for an infection in the same tooth. Before this dentist I had to go to the ER to get an antibiotic prescribed just to relieve some discomfort Due to the infection. It’s costly in the long run but nothing had to come out of pocket right away. I had spent months calling around from dentist to dentist trying to get answers/help on where to go to get my tooth fixed for a reasonable price. Mind you, it’s a VERY costly fix. More than $1,000 out of pocket. I paid $100 just to have a consultation appointment with another dentist just to get an estimate of 1,300$ to fix my damage. But they said there was nothing “temporary” they could do that was cheaper except for completely extracting the tooth, which still is a major expense out of pocket. When on the phone with the woman she asked me when I was looking for an appointment and I told her as soon as possible, she took down my information and verified my insurance and called me back right away with a same day appointment. Her exact words were “how soon can you get here”. Being in pain/discomfort for so long this was music to my hears. I had finally found someone who was willing to get me in and that accepted my insurance. Upon arriving I was greeted by my first name even though other people were walking into the building/sitting down. This immediately let me know they personally take time to recognize their patients. I was taken to the back right away to sign paperwork, where I was informed there was in fact a fee due same day for dental work (obviously whatever my insurance doesn’t cover). I immediately got anxious as I only had 77$ to my name for a week. I advised her of my dilemma expecting to get the boot, she spoke with the dentist and he was willing to see me anyways with only paying $25.00. I was very impressed as I was used to having the door hit me on the way out anywhere else. Income wasn’t the only culprit for my tooth not having been fixed yet, but I also have a fear of the dentist/doctors so my teeth aren’t the greatest and I never felt judged here. The entire staff was friendly but Dr. Troilo was amazing! He had a great personality and really understood the great amount of discomfort I’ve had and the danger of living with an infected tooth. He evaluated me and had the staff come in with very detailed options and price breakdowns. Since the work I really need done is so expensive, he was the FIRST dentist to offer any alternative, and actually filled the gaping hole in my tooth temporarily of course. He fixed up right away! While he was working on my tooth, he was talking to his assistant and telling stories of his little girl. I enjoyed hearing him speak about his family and tell stories. It was actually very relaxing because you could tell he has a great relationship with his staff, which also means they work great together. This girl with severe anxiety has never been more comfortable with a dentist, I definetly recommend. I will NEVER go to another dentist again. He also called me around 7pm that same night to make sure I was doing okay and was comfortable. The entire staff provided a great experience and the atmosphere is positive and the people have great southern hospitality. I work in the healthcare field and still have yet to be in a place that was so uplifting and helpful and genuinely concerned with providing excellent oral care. Long story short: Don’t even bother calling another dentist, this is where you want to go! Trust me.

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