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Dentist Rose Hill KS - Patient Reviews about Drs. Mark Troilo and Courtnee Martin
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  • Rating: 5 Dentist Rose Hill KS - Five Star Reviews By Tammy Cooley
    Rose Hill Dental Office
    The Dentist was awesome and staff too! Friendly and My son said the dentist was Hot! Lol He's 14... crazy boy!
    Reviewed by Tammy Cooley
  • Rating: 5 Dentist Rose Hill KS - Five Star Reviews By G. Parker
    Rose Hill Dental Office
    I have been coming to the Rose Hill Dental office for over 20 years. I have always received excellent care from Dr Troilo and Laura, my dental hygenist. I have had gum problems for many years. Dr Troilo and Laura have helped me keep this under control. I dearly love the staff at the clinic, as they are friendly and always helpful.
    Reviewed by G. Parker
  • Rating: 5 Dentist Rose Hill KS - Five Star Reviews By Norman
    My appt went very well. I had 3 teeth worked on and I must admit the jaw and teeth were very tender for the rest of the day (my own fault for waiting so long). All is well today and thank you.
  • Rating: 5 Dentist Rose Hill KS - Five Star Reviews
    I was impressed with professionalism of dental staff and the knowledge and know how of Dr. Mark Troilo. Great customer service at the front desk. I will be back.
  • Rating: 5 Dentist Rose Hill KS - Five Star Reviews by S. Tanner
    I really appreciate the efficient and friendly care I receive when I visit Dr. Troilo's office.
    S. Tanner
  • Rating: 5 Dentist Rose Hill KS - Five Star Reviews by Erin L
    As a first time visitor, they made me feel comfortable and were even accommodating of the fact that I brought my 1 1/2 year old with me!
    Erin L
  • Rating: 5 Dentist Rose Hill KS - Five Star Reviews by  Angela A.
    Very friendly and informative. Let me know before hand what was going to happen. Made you feel very comfortable in the chair. Will definitely return.
    Angela A.
  • Rating: 5 Dentist Rose Hill KS - Five Star Reviews by J. R.
    Polite, professional staff that cares about the quality of patient care and it shows. Always feel like I'm in good hands here. Highly recommended!
    J. R.
  • Rating: 5 Dentist Rose Hill KS - Five Star Reviews by Troy S.
    The Rose Hill Dental Team is fabulous. Our family has been going there for almost 15 years now and we couldnâ??t imagine going anywhere else. They make us feel like a part of the family and not just an account or number. We don’t live in Rose Hill but the commute to their office is well worth the drive. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone.
    Troy S.
  • Rating: 5 Dentist Rose Hill KS - Five Star Reviews
    Excellent care! Dr Troilo and his staff are the best of the best. They often go out of their way to work with our family's busy schedule. When we are there, we recieve the highest quality of care from every staff member we encounter. Cavities and root canals are not something people appreciate while they are getting them. After moving to a new town and allowing myself to skip my dental check ups for too many years, I knew it would probably be a long and painful road back to healthy teeth. Dr. Troilo has filled cavites and done multiple root canals on me. There has been very little, if any pain from those procedures. He is a master in dentistry. My husband and I are very thankful to have found such a great dentist and staff for our family.
  • Rating: 5 Dentist Rose Hill KS - Five Star Reviews by Brent
    Have always been treated well, Dr makes a personal call just to check if you’re ok. Staff is always very professional and friendly.
  • Rating: 5 Dentist Rose Hill KS - Five Star Reviews by Lynn
    I've been a patient of Dr. Troilo's for 15 years and have gotten the best dental care of my life. I couldn't ask for better in him and his staff.
  • Rating: 5 Dentist Rose Hill KS - Five Star Reviews by John W
    Mark, as Natalie and I drove to Rose Hill this morning we were talking about gratefulness, and that it tends to be a character trait many of us lack. Thinking about that after I returned home, I wanted to express to you and your staff (and I apologize for this being long overdue) how much I and my family appreciate the great dental care we receive from all of you and, perhaps just as importantly, how much we appreciate the always friendly spirit we find there. I know we all have bad days, but over the 25+ years we have been coming to your clinic I am not aware of even one time where any of us has had a "bad" experience. That is an amazing track record and one of which you and your people should be proud! Similarly amazing to me is that...
    John W
  • Rating: 5 Dentist Rose Hill KS - Five Star Reviews by BJW
    As always I was treated as a valued patient and was taken care of promptly.
  • Rating: 5 Dentist Rose Hill KS - Five Star Reviews by Hugo W
    We love Dr. Troilo! We've been going to him for nine years. I feel like they remember us every time we go in:) I love that Dr. Troilo has personally called to check on my kids, several times, after filling big cavities!
    Hugo W
  • Rating: 5 Dentist Rose Hill KS - Five Star Reviews by B. Jackson
    They were so easy to reach in an emergency, they answered my call immediately. It is a relief to know that I can count on them to always be there for me when I need them the most. Whenever I make an appointment, I'm always confident that they're going to be ready for me at my scheduled time. At other places I've been to, it's always bothered me when they postpone my appointment, but they've never done that here. They have some of the best customer service I have ever seen. Putting their customers first is definitely a priority here and it shows
    B. Jackson
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My kids were afraid of the dentist until they came here. Now they enjoy their dental appointments and would rather go to the dentist than school. ~ G.T.
Since the day we opened the doors here at Rose Hill General & Cosmetic Dentistry, we have always considered that one of our most important responsibilities is to care for the families of Rose Hill and the surrounding communities. We have been here since 1978, and are now caring for children whose parents were patients of ours years ago. Actually, we see three generations of family members on a regular basis, and in some instances, four.
Family Dentistry Rose Hill - Smiling ChildrenFamily Dentistry Rose Hill - Teeth Brushing Girls
Sarah (Howerton) Groth, one of our hygienists, has been one of our patients since she was four years old. She won’t let us tell you how old she is now – sorry! But she typifies what we have been privileged to experience in our dental practice, families that consider us home.

We pride ourselves in the way we handle children. Although we can treat children that are hard to handle with sedation, we have found that almost all children can be treated with the right blend of love, kindness, firmness and patience – without the use of drugs. We appreciate patients that have an interest in the dental treatment of their children, and want them to know that at any time they have questions concerning their child’s treatment, we are open and available to answer your questions.

Of course, treating families is more than just treating children. Moms and dads, and all adults have a different set of needs and wants, and we are ready and able to supply those needs and wants. With a full range of services, from cleanings and fillings, to surgery, dentures, root canals and veneers, we are ready to welcome you and your family to become a part of our family. That’s why our name is what it is – Rose Hill General & Cosmetic Dentistry. From a young child to grandma and grandpa, call us to find out for yourselves what family dentistry is all about.