Cosmetic dentistry options for a dazzling smile in Wichita

Cosmetic dentistry options

Let’s be honest, we all want beautiful, straight, white smiles. A smile is one of the first things you notice about a person and can attract you to someone. A nice smile can boost your confidence both professionally and personally. Wichita residents are perfecting their smiles at Rose Hill General & Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Mark Troilo and Dr. Jessica Niederee are available to improve your smile through a variety of cosmetic dentistry options.

Cosmetic dentistry encompasses many areas of dental work. This includes teeth whitening, veneers, composite fillings, dental implants or dentures, and more. For any of these procedures, the dentist will assess your teeth to determine your current needs. While some may be elective and some required out of necessity, the outcome is an improved, healthier smile.

Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures. We all want brighter smiles. Everyday wear and tear, drinking coffee or tea, smoking, and poor oral hygiene routines can all lead to yellowing of your teeth. Luckily, the yellowing on the outer surface of teeth is easy to treat. Whitening options include toothpastes, rinses, strips, at home gel trays, and professional bleaching treatments. Consult your dentist to determine which treatment is right to meet your personal needs.

Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are applied to the teeth. They are used to fill gaps between teeth or to correct broken or chipped teeth. This creates a straighter, more attractive smile.

Composite fillings can be used in place of silver fillings for cavities. These fillings are tooth colored, making your dental work very hard to see.

Dental implants or dentures are used to replace missing teeth. Removable or permanent, both fulfill the need of creating a nicer, healthier smile. Your bite will be improved as well with the addition of the implants.

Once you have a beautiful smile, you will want to work hard to keep it by following a healthy oral regimen. Contact the experts at Rose Hill General & Cosmetic Dentistry to get on your way to a more dazzling smile at 316-768-4050.

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